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Manufacturing Industry has emerged as one of the high growth sectors in India. India's manufacturing sector has the potential to touch US$ 1 trillion by 2025. With the help of Make in India drive, India is on the path of becoming the hub for hi-tech manufacturing as global giants have either set up or are in process of setting up manufacturing plants in India, attracted by India's market of more than a billion consumers and increasing purchasing power. India is expected to become the fifth largest manufacturing country in the world by the end of year 2020. With our vast Industry Know-how paired with our zeal to deliver customized solutions In today's competitive world, rising manufacturing costs coupled with higher customer expectations make it a challenging task to maintain profitability of plant operations. X Root Solutions team has the express business mandate of delivering focused, high-value added services to the Industry.

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About Us

A combination of highly dedicated, industry skilled team with cutting edge Experience and expertise. We provide practical and workable customized solutions to meet your goals.

Enhanced Productivity

We work systematically on your issues to increase the overall output of operations/processes

Support during unforeseen scenarios + Increased UP-TIME of plant

Our team will stand with you during unforeseen scenarios like unplanned breakdowns. Additionally, we provide support for developing local parts for import substitutes to localize the costly components and other related activities

Capacity Demand Match

Platform to utilize spare "Plant & Machinery " capacity and fulfilling similar demands.

Support to Academic Projects

Manufacturing and design supoport for R/D Projects / academic projects / start-ups incubations project with supports to young engineers and scientists for National and Industrial Growth and provide a boost to Make in India.

With us, you Always Get the Best Guidance

Our Services

Productivity Enhancement

Component Development and Manufacturing

Maintenence and Spare Parts Development

Problem Solving for Engineering

Support Startups in Production and Manufacturing

Support Academic Institutes for Research and Development

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